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The overall procedure of metal fabrication is not just dealing with the assembly of finished parts and products; it tackles the creation from the procuring of the raw materials, turning it into semi-finished material, to the bending, welding, and finishing.

One of the most important and necessary forming processes for metal fabrication is press brake bending. Some might find it familiar, while some might find it a new thing to hear.

What is Press Brake Bending?

Press brake bending is the process used to form linear bends in workpieces in the process of sheet metal fabrication. Press brake bending involves a punch and die – usually made up of tungsten carbide and hardened steel.

All manufacturers and metal fabricators need to have this knowledge at the back of their palms as it helps in the formation and the shaping of metal sheets into different shapes, sizes, and other fundamental components and materials.

When you’re stuck in the middle of a dilemma of finding the right metal fabrication experts, you can count on us here at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists. We have the best, the highest quality, and the sturdiest press brakes that can help you with whatever product or material you need.

The Need for Press Brake Bending

The idea of press brake bending comes from when the industrial age reigned. It was what was used to design many things like automobiles, aerospace vehicles, infrastructure, and even manufacturing equipment.

But how can these large, shaping materials be beneficial for us and our businesses? Does it really have an advantage over other types of forming and metal bending?

Try bending a metal sheet manually – if it’s not difficult, it’s not going to be too easy for you either. One of the main benefits of press brake bending is the better output and products it produces through the use of better and smarter technology.

In addition to that, the advancements of our press brakes can detect the thickness, as well as the overall capacity and resistance that the surface or the workpieces have. With the help of it, there’ll be no problems in terms of making, shaping, forming, and bending even multiple layers of metal sheets.

Manually doing the bending and the forming of metals is not only tiresome, but it’s also going to cut a huge curb off of your company, too. Investing in press brakes, whether it’s CNC press brakes or just the regular hydraulic presses, it’s going to be efficient and thrifty for you.

You’ll never have to worry about the skill and the expertise that laborers have – the press will do all the work!

Is it Better Than Welding?

Many manufacturers consider bending and forming to be better than welding – why? – Because forming metal with its own shape is better, cleaner, and neater compared to fusing and welding two pieces together.

Other benefits that press brake bending has over welding include:

  • Less time-consuming and more cost-effective
  • More accurate and precise forming and shapes of steel and metal
  • Cleaner and neater result


Last but most definitely not the least is the fact that you can multi-task with press brake bending than doing other types of melting, molding, and even welding. This specific advantage is for the use of CNC press brakes as it can easily and flexibly be programmed to perform different things – and it can procure more products in an hour compared to regular welding!

Operators and machinists need not be experts, unlike welding because the machines would be the ones to do the work for them.

You can select from the wide range of operations that CNC press brakes offer and you can be given the assurance that the final product would be the exact thing you wanted – no smudges, no alloys, no slag.

Our Press Brake Bending

Over the course of technological advancements, we at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists have invested dearly on better and more advanced equipment, especially when it comes to the metal fabrication we offer.

From the laser cutting procedures, the designs – to welding, press brake bending, casting, and even finishing and powder coating, we made sure that we’re at the top of the game to be able to give our clients whatever they need.

Producing High Volume and High-Quality Sheet Metal Elements

Almost every metal thing starts from being a metal sheet – it’s then cut, formed, and bent to be the exact component you want it to be. You will never have a problem in working with us here at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists – we will be the only manufacturer you need to assist and help you in producing a wide scale of products and components.

We are the contract manufacturer that caters to a wide and versatile scale of industries. So, it doesn’t matter if you‘re in the manufacturing and contracting industry, if you’re in the automotive, industrial, medical, or whatever industry, we’ll be able to help you.

What We Can Produce

With the press brake bending forming process we offer, we can help you with a ton of different materials, tools, and components – from regular covers, brackets, enclosures – to boxes, panels, and metal sheets.

In addition to that, you can also work with us to help you in forming and creating a wide range of equipment for construction and manufacturer’s services.

Within the entire state of Ohio, our services have been the most trusted and the top-rated when it came to delivery, efficiency, price, cost – and even the customer experience that most clients are looking for. You can work with us without experiencing and hassle and we can give you the assurance that our metal fabrication process would be the only thing you need.

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

If you want a full-package of world-class quality services, you can work with us from the laser cutting, the design, the forming via hydraulic or CNC press brake bending, to the finishing. We at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists are the all-in-one company and manufacturer you can trust!

Unlike other contract manufacturers that focus on just one specific type of service, we are a company skilled and experienced to perform a large scale of services. Our focus and attention to detail on your project and task goes above and beyond. We exceed the expectations to all of our clients daily.

Our core offerings and services at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists includes, but is not limited to, the following below:

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