Laser cutting design-Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists

Laser Cutting Design

Laser cutting design-Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists

Laser cutting has been a widely popular method for producing mass output, from automotive, electronics, even steel, and metal products. With it, of course, are designs and patterns that are created for the laser to follow through.

The entire laser cutting process we undertake here at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists are made with precision and accuracy. Our Full Spectrum Laser PS20 can produce the products that you need right – and we will deliver them faster than the timeline given.

Accuracy at its Finest

Naturally, lasers aren’t tools used only for slicing and for cutting – they need to be able to engrave, mark, and drill too because the entire process of laser cutting involves melting whatever material is presented.

The laser cutting services we offer involves a series of planning, designing, denting, and even marking the materials. The accuracy of our laser cutting will be to your likeness; even the smallest dents, the thinnest marks, and the most subtle accents – you can count on us.

3D Printing

The laser cutting design we offer can include the creation and the manufacturing of 3D objects that is made possible with the expertise and the experience of our team. All of our workers are skilled to provide specific outlines and drafts of the design that you’re looking for.

Our Laser Design Processes

All companies undergo a specific laser cutting blueprint to arrive at the desired specific design. Our process involves a 6-step process that is in-depth and pointed towards successful design.

When creating the design, you can give us a sketch, a draft, or even a computerized version of it in vector file format. From there, our experts can immediately create the draft that you need in the design and the form you want it to be in.

Once finalized, we will scale it to the original size in order for us to ensure that your design is feasible. You don’t have to worry size-wise because the laser PS20 we utilize is accurate. If you are to design it yourself, make sure that you send in ONLY the design – remove notes, texts, text boxes, and other comments.

When done, finalize the physical appearance of the product as well as how you want it to be seen. In this phase, you can choose to not select the final material yet – the product itself though would need to be in its final form.

All the notes, taglines, and marketing texts you have in your design should be removed and be merged into the design. The accuracy of our laser pointer is applicable to designs, shapes, and outlines – it is difficult for it to cut through text boxes.

When all the measurements and the final form of the design are completed, it’s time for you to select the best material for it. We here at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists are skilled and experienced in working with a wider spectrum of materials, if you need metal to be carved, if you want steel to be reshaped, even if you want to design solid hard steel and metal, you can count on us.

Make sure that the material you’re going to select is the best fit for the product you’re trying to produce. We’ll be with you in choosing what’s right from what’s wrong – and don’t worry, our team of experts will help you through the decisions you’ll have.

Lastly, when we’re about to work on the design for the laser cutting, we’ll be removing everything from open shapes, unfinished vectors, even inconsistencies. No matter how complex the design we finalize is, we’re sure that everything – from our technology, our people, and our skills – will be as how you want it to come out.

All the laser cutting design ideas you need are something that we here at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists can help you with. We’ve been servicing all types of organizations and even the public sector with what they need.

We Don’t Just Perform Laser Cutting

With whatever design you provide us, the quality of our laser cutting processes would never diminish. Send us a raw draft of the design or the outline you have and we’ll send you a quote – then, we’ll help you with everything from the materials, the solution, and even the concept of your product.

Our company has given a wide range of designs and outputs that have been widely used in some industries and manufacturing niches – and you can count on us for your projects too! Our work has proven that everything we offer is for the sole idea of perfection and accuracy.

Is Laser Cutting For You?

Laser cutting is used for mass and fast production – and with the help of our Full Spectrum Laser PS20, it’s done indefinite precision and accuracy. Whatever industry you’re in, we here at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists will be ready to help you produce the material you need in its highest quality.

There are tons of advantages laser cutting can give you and you should always keep in mind the safety that it has. Stray from the traditional methods and make sure that you’re safe from the design, the drafting, and the execution of the production.

No amount of challenge is too big for us – give us a design and we’ll help you transform it into reality. Explore a wide range of benefits and advantages from the laser cutting procedures we offer and say goodbye to the inconsistencies offered by numerous other and traditional methods.

Get the Best and the Most Affordable Services!

Need to get things done in a jiffy and you’re looking for world-class quality outputs and products? Don’t hesitate to work with us here at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists and experience not only the best and the highest quality but also the fastest and the most accurate products!

Unlike other contract manufacturers that focus on just one specific type of service, we are a company skilled and experienced to perform a large scale of services. Our focus and attention to detail on your project and task goes above and beyond. We exceed the expectations to all of our clients daily.

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