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In manufacturing and metal fabrication, a lot of integrated and systematized types of machinery are used to complete a set of projects. From laser cutters, press brake machines, welding, and even powder coating sprays – it’s a diverse field.

One of the most-used and the most notable machines is the press brake machine. It is a machine that is inherently used for metal sheet bending and forming. Mainly, its essence is on the side and the functionality of forming a product, shaping a product, or reducing the overall dimensions of a product.

A press brake machine is actually one of the most needed parts and machines in manufacturing and we at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists can tell you a lot about it. We are the manufacturer that you can count on that can help you with the press brake procedures you need – even if you’re a manufacturer that needs a press brake!

What Industries We Serve

Our services aren’t limited to just industrial and commercial – we offer services and projects for different industries too including:

  • The Medical Industry
  • Electronic Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • And many more

As long you need help in the creation, as well as the manufacturing of parts and components, we’re the company you can absolutely count on.

Who We Are

Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists is the company that you can count on to deliver cutting-edge fabrication – from the creation of the design, the cutting of metal sheet and alloy parts, welding, press braking, even down to the finishing, assembly, and screening.

We have counted on our machines and our skills, just like how our clients and other manufacturers have, and one of the most recognized and the most commended machines we have is our press brakes.

Press Brakes Overview

If you’re not familiar with the manufacturing process, chances are, you wouldn’t be too familiar with what a press break is. You might have heard it somewhere, you might have seen it anywhere over the Internet – but what is a press brake?

In the simplest terms, a press brake machine is the machine used to deliver the correct forms, shapes, and bends a metal has. For instance, if you need a product that is a V-shaped metal, you can count on a press brake machine to do it for you – and it will not only give you a precise and accurate form, it’s also going to be produced fast.

The structure of a press brake often has a top and a bottom section; where the top portion holds the punch that would be where the pressure is applied – then the bottom part is where the shape or the die is. In shaping and in forming metal and steel, it bends to the shape that you need.

We Are the Best

We’re not just the best in terms of press braking, we’re also the top-rated and the number one company that you can count on. We here at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists are the manufacturer that you can very much depend on for we use high-quality products – that are even computerized numerical controlled (CNC).

With traditional skill and expertise partnered up with state-of-the-art and advanced types of machinery, we can help you arrive at the best and the highest quality of the products you need.

All our clients left us with positive remarks and feedback about our services and you would never have a hard time working with us.

Our Metal Fabrication Process

Our metal fabrication process usually starts out with the presentation of the design and the structure of the product you want. Afterward, we proceed to the cutting of the metal to the desired size in proportion to the shape and the comprehensive form of steel and metal.

Then, we go onto the design and we perform a bit of welding and press braking to arrive at the desired aesthetics of the piece. From there, we complete it by finishing and polishing it depending on what it’s to be used for.

Clients have loved working with us here at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists because of the simplicity but the efficiency of our work. Whatever metal sheet project you need to get done, you can bank on us to help you with it – indefinitely.

We Have the Best Team

From the laser cutting procedures, the design, the welding, the press brake machinists, and even the coating teams are all experienced and heavily-rewarded and showered with relevant and essential experiences in the field.

We can produce anything from the simplest of bends, folds – to enclosures, brackets, boxes, and a lot more! You can bank on us to help you with low to a high volume of products and outputs without the fear of inaccuracy.

Why Choose to Work With Us?

Among all other contract manufacturers and metal fabrication experts out in the market, only with us will you be able to experience neat, clean, and organized work. The evidence of high-quality services we offer is shown from the very beginning of the metal fabrication project and method.

Our press brake machines can handle even the most comprehensive and the most complex of all shapes and forms, giving you whatever type of product, material, or component you need. Though it requires less supervision than any other method or procedure, all of the machinists and the fabricators we have are experienced and skilled and they can help you in the production of your steel and metal components.

So if you want a press brake machine of any kind to help you produce the materials and components you need, or if you need our help in creating and manufacturing the parts of the press brake machine project – we here at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists is the best company you can ever work with.

Experience world-class quality material and product knowledge topped with unscathed and unparalleled customer experience – you’ll never have the need to find another contract manufacturing company ever again!

We can help you with a wide range of services – from the start of the metal fabrication process – to the end!

Unlike other contract manufacturers that focus on just one specific type of service, we are a company skilled and experienced to perform a large scale of services. Our focus and attention to detail on your project and task goes above and beyond. We exceed the expectations to all of our clients daily.

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