Best Contract Manufacturing in Austintown, OH

Best Contract Manufacturer in Austintown, Ohio.

Structural steels are used in many different applications that have also increased the need for their fabrications. These metals are very helpful given their properties that can also be altered during the manufacturing process. According to statistics, about 80% of metallic structures and appliances are made of steel. Now, are you wondering how this useful material is made?

How it is made

It is not a complicated process. If you didn’t know, steel does not exist naturally on the earth’s crust. It is made by mixing iron and other metals during processing. The mined iron ore is purified to get pure iron. Carbon is added to the pure iron to make steel. So, the largest component of steel is iron. Carbon is added to increase the strength of the steel, but this should be balanced as an excess of carbon can make the steel lose its ductility.

Other metals can also be added to achieve the needed properties. For instance, additional metals can improve the strength, ductility, and economy of steel. Manganese is one such metal that is added to steel that is already a mixture of iron and carbon to improve its machinability. Manganese-fused steel is more resistant to cracking and splitting during the rolling process.

Application of steel

This is a broad topic that we are not going to discuss in detail. We will only highlight a few areas where this very important material is used.

  • Used in a commercial building to speed up the construction and to reinforce the strength of the concrete
  • Industrial building as it is easier to use and more economical
  • For bridge constructions because of its lightweight
  • Construction of residential premises for its strength and durability

Structural steel fabrication

Now that we have heard of a brief background of steel, can we say that they come from the factory when ready to be used? No, structural steel still needs to be fabricated to the liking of the designers. Since structural features are never the same, it is not possible to produce steel that matches the need of the architectural designs that varies from one structure to the next. For this reason, steel fabrication is an essential part of the construction.

Construction industries rely on steel fabricators to get the different parts that they need for a particular structure. However, it is not always easy to get the best contract manufacturing in Austintown that will fabricate all your parts to meet the design requirements and with the precisions that are needed. As a manufacturer in the construction industry or any other industry that uses structural steel, you must get a supplier that will deliver all the parts that you need on time.

At Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists, we have your interest covered. We take advantage of the malleability of the steel to reshape it into the exact shape and size that you want. We use CNC press braking to make all the bends folds as precise as possible. Just contact for this or any other metal fabrication service.

Unlike other contract manufacturers that focus on just one specific type of service, we are a company skilled and experienced to perform a large scale of services. Our focus and attention to detail on your project and task goes above and beyond. We exceed the expectations to all of our clients daily.

Our core offerings and services at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists includes, but is not limited to, the following below:

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Ohio. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Ohio.

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