Sheet Metal Edge Rounding

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Metal products and equipment don’t always have to have sharp edges – sometimes, going round with the edges is a great way, too. Finishing it with a sharp edge can lead to dangerous and critical wounds and injuries, and it wouldn’t be aesthetically pleasing if the shoe doesn’t fit.

We here at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists, we’re ready to help you by producing round-edged sheet metals – perfect for the creation and the manufacturing of components and parts of industrial and construction machines and equipment.

Edge rounding or also known as “deburring,” is the process of smoothening the ridges or the edges of any type of product or object – and in our case, sheet metals.

The Importance of Sheet Metal Edge Rounding

More often than not, clients and some businesses would require the edges of metal products and components to be rounded – not for aesthetic purposes but for the safety and the precautionary measures that follow.

If you think that it’s not a big deal – think again. In fact, the most usual companies and industries that ask for edge rounding would be:

  • Manufacturers and Fabricators
  • Factories
  • Automotive Companies
  • Medical Companies
  • And Many More

Prioritizing Safety

We at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists are the company that you can definitely work and bank on if you prioritize the safety of your people – or your clients. Depending on the use of the sheet metal, we’ll usually round and debur its edges to avoid injuries and problems along the way.

We have the most advanced and the most high-tech deburring and edge rounding machines and equipment that can help you achieve the look, the accuracy, and the overall finished product or component you need. With the help of our machines you can:

  • Expect even and measured result on all edges
  • Achieve a soft and safe metal sheet or metal product
  • Deliver and distribute the products without worrying about injury

The process of sheet metal edge rounding doesn’t just benefit staff and workers – it can be for the protection of your equipment and machines too! When you load and board a sheet metal to a machine without finely deburring its edges, the machines that have brittle parts can be cracked, scratched – and worse, it can break.

Your machine breaking is the last thing you want especially if you are on a project that requires you to mass-produce.

Ridding from danger and problems, edge rounding is also beneficial in terms of keeping the aesthetics of your products. With a rounded-edge, the coating would have something to hold onto, keeping it from breaking.

You can definitely heighten the quality of your products and your output by appropriately and properly smoothening its edges out.

More often than not, products, materials, and components are checked by several agencies to ensure that it is fits with the compliance that they are duly looking for. The standard compliance, in terms of sheet metal is the fact that it needs to be safe and harmless.

By rounding its edges or by deburring it, you avoid those risks and you, therefore, pass the compliance standard.

A metal sheet that has sharp edges might not be safe when it’s set up for machining, why? – Because some machines would not be able to efficiently continue operations without its edges being smoothened out.

We Can Help You!

Whether you need a manufacturer who can provide a clean and neat job interns if sheet metal edge rounding – or if you’re looking for a metal fabrication company to do everything from the beginning – you can bank on us and our services here at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists.

We’re the best contract manufacturing company in the state and that’s for a wide variety of reasons:

Mass Production

Whether you need 10,000 rounded metal sheets or a high mix, low volume of metal sheets, you can count on us. Our strength relies on the availability of our workers and our machinery and we’re the company that can help you with your need for it.

We can help you produce a wide range of metal sheets for a versatile set of purposes and industries – whether you need it for an automotive project or production, if you need it for fabrication, or if you’re looking for mass production for your own manufacturing.

Culture and Ethics

Our experience in the industry and in the business has shaped and molded our work ethics to develop even better. All of our staff members, employees, and our expert machinists are all looking towards one goal – to make sure that everything is done in the right way.

We have invested a lot in customer experience and customer satisfaction and our culture have continuously provided all of our employees with the lessons and the reminders they need whenever they perform.

We meet and beat deadlines, and we never short our clients. What you want is what you will get and we’ll help you achieve business goals and needs.


All our clients commended us for having a wonderful time in doing business. You can check out some of the testimonials and feedback from some of the most notable manufacturers and companies out in the vicinity.

We at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists believe that professionalism is one way in reaching success. By not focusing on professionalism, not only would you have bad feedback and comments, you might not be able to meet the standards that you yourself have set for your business.

If in any case you find yourself and your company needing a sheet metal edge rounding service, you can absolutely find your safe place with us here at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists. We comply with standard procedures and you will get what you need with us!

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