Best Contract Manufacturing in Upper Arlington, OH

Best Contract Manufacturer in Upper Arlington, Ohio.

Sheet metal is one of the raw materials that are used in many different parts of the world for the fabrication of many different parts and components that we are using in our current world. However, many things are involved in this process of turning raw sheet metal into a finished product ready to be taken to the market. These may include metal finishing, polishing, laser cutting, and powder coating. Our topic of today will be about one of these operations, and that is metal finishing.

We are not going to talk about everything concerning metal finishing as it is a broad topic that we will not be able to fully exploit even if we are given the whole day to do it. Instead, we are going to narrow down our topic to electroplating as one of the commonly used metal finishing methods. All other methods will be discussed in our other posts.

What is electroplating?

Before going into what electroplating is and the various method of achieving it, let us first briefly talk about the need to choose the best contract manufacturing in Upper Arlington to offer this service to you. Electroplating service is a delicate process that requires technology and high-end tools. If you need a uniform coat on your metal surface, then choose Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists as your preferred contractor. We have all that it takes to give you the best that you need for your parts.

Electroplating, also referred to as electrodeposition by some people, is the process of depositing metal alloy onto the surface of other metals, fabricated parts, and components in this context. The process is achieved through electrolysis, details of which are out of the scope of this article. You can do a Google search for more information about it.

Benefits of electroplating

Electroplating is considered as the most effective method in providing an additional layer to the fabricated components. This additional layer is more than just a protective coating, but it can also serve to improve the accuracy of the dimensions. It can also be sued to improve other surface properties such as resistivity to chemical reactions, improving electrical conductivity, and resistivity to corrosion.

Electroplating can also be used to prevent rusting of the fabricated parts. Since the metal that is mostly used in fabrication is the industry is steel, and the main component of steel is iron, it can easily rust. Electroplating is done to make it rust-proof. For this property, it is used for most of the metallic kitchenware because these are exposed to water more than any other.

Other metal finishing methods

There are many other different methods that we use to give the metal the best finishing that clients require. We are all professionals with many years of experience and can handle all other methods including passivation, electroless plating, galvanization, powder coating, just to list a few. Just let us know about the method that you prefer for your parts so that we can have that done.

Unlike other contract manufacturers that focus on just one specific type of service, we are a company skilled and experienced to perform a large scale of services. Our focus and attention to detail on your project and task goes above and beyond. We exceed the expectations to all of our clients daily.

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