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You need not be an expert in metal fabrication and in manufacturing in order for you to understand what turning is. In its most basic and its simplest term, turning is the process in which a workpiece is attached to the lathe or the turning machine and is intercepted by a cutting tool.

The main uses for turning may include any of the following:

  • To finish the workpiece, transfiguring it to its final form
  • To remove unwanted material in the workpiece by shaving it
  • To reshape a certain product, material, component, or equipment

CNC Turning

Computer numeric controlled (CNC) turning, is the process of turning in which the pattern or the contour is programmed to the turning machine. This format is what the machine would follow for the set or the arranged number of products.

Therefore, CNC turning has taken over the manufacturing and the fabrication industry, offering great heights to manufacturers with its advancement. Should you need a company or a manufacturer to help you with the turning you need, you can lean and bank on us here at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists.

We’re the company that businesses have trusted because of the attitude and the work ethics we’ve provided. Other than the rates of our high-quality products, outputs, and equipment, manufacturers have considered us to be their go-to company for the turning they need.

The CNC Turning Process

Still can’t fully understand how the process of turning works? It’s actually simple – and we will help you with the general structure of how it goes. Since turning is the process of rotating the workpiece or the material while a cutter is moving, it’s going to be cut depending on the pressure, the speed, and the distance of the cutter from the lathe.

Akin to many different machining operations and processes, turning can be done either manually or automatically. Manually means that the workpiece is controlled by the operator – there’s no program that would dictate how it would move.

The automatic version, however, is the process in which it does not need any kind of supervision and intervention from the operator. The program is preset on the CNC turning machine and the machine would automatically move based on the program.

It creates tens, to hundreds, even thousands of clones depending on the amount that the client needs.

Why We’re the Best

Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists is the company considered as the best by most clients, businesses, and other manufacturers because of the fact that we perform at a high rate, producing the highest and the best quality of products and outputs.

Other than that, there are certain key elements that even prove our excellence and our standing in the industry.

Our Investment

For years, we have innovated and worked on a wide range of machines, not just in the turning procedure. However, we have made several investments, including the CNC machines that we have. In fact, most of the machines we have invested in have paid quite well.

We were able to provide better-quality products and outputs to our clients at a faster rate and at a much more reliable manner. With our wise investments in machinery, experts, and professionals, and in the skill and knowledge, we became the best and the most dependable manufacturer.

Our Team

Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists is a company comprised of not only the best and the most skilled, but the most experienced and the most professional experts as well. We have, in our company, reliable consultants, engineers, and machinists who can well provide you with all the knowledge you need.

When you work with us, expertise and professionalism would be just regular things around the block. You can expect us to work with you and interact with you in the best and in the mildest manner – you will never have a hard time dealing with us!

Our Commitment

As a contract manufacturing company specializing in steel and metal fabrication, it has been our duty to guarantee all of our clients with all the products and outputs they need. It will be in our best efforts to help you with everything – from the regular manufacturing process, the fabrication, and the overall assembly of your products.

We are committed to providing only the best and the highest quality of resources, materials, components, and parts that you need.

We’re Unique

Among all other contract manufacturers and metal fabrication experts in the industry, only with us here at Ohio Contract Manufacturing Specialists will you experience the smoothest, the most flawless, and the most seamless procedures.

You can count on us to help you from the laser cutting process, the welding, the press braking, down to the turning, the finishing, and the completion of the products.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need an expert in CNC turning, you will never run out of options in working with us. We’ve helped and assisted a wide range of companies and businesses in a wide spectrum of industries.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in – when you need help in manufacturing and in fabricating, we’re the company you can count on. We can perform large scale of services and whether you need high-volume production, and small-scale production; whether you need a low mix or a high mix of products, you can work with us.

With our company promise, you will absolutely love the fact that we offer some things, products, and components that other manufacturers are not able to give. Work with us from the creation of some of your parts – to all the parts that you need.

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